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​The Insight IT Group is a South Africa based organisation that was founded in Johannesburg in 2000. The group own and operate two leading cloud based Payroll and HR software solutions that service customers across the world.


PaySpace is a 100% Cloud Payroll & Human Capital Management (HCM) Software Solution that currently assists thousands of businesses to grow and drive their business processes with the complete confidence that they are using the benchmark of today’s available Payroll and HR management systems.

As a result of our product and technology teams designing and architecting PaySpace from scratch we were able to take advantage of the following benefits:
  • No legacy technology needs to be preserved and worked around - legacy systems are complex because they rely on technology developed 25 years ago and therefore require complicated integrations and bolt-on additions to deal with changing requirements of todays business.
  • New technologies, that did not exist when legacy systems were first designed, can be leveraged. Modern advances such as software-as-a-service, object-oriented design and relational databases can be used as a foundation to offer better capabilities with easier interactions for users. Because legacy systems are so dependent on old technology, it is very difficult for new tools to be effectively utilized.
  • PaySpace has been designed to eliminate many of the problems introduced or mishandled by legacy systems, such as:
    • Payroll and HR’s reliance on IT for accurate business data
    • The cost and complexity of integrations Managing a global workforce
    • Responding quickly to changing markets
    • Outdated interfaces that are unpleasant to use
PaySpace is a new, improved solution to help businesses operate in the modern era. Visit www.payspace.com​ for more info.


UIF Solutions is the leader in domestic UIF management for the South African market. UIF Solutions currently assists thousands of households on a monthly basis by assisting them with calculations regarding their domestic workers remuneration and UIF calculations. We automatically deduct the UIF amounts from your account and transfer to the Department of Labour on your behalf along with all declarations. Visit www.uifsolutions.co.za for more info.